Introducing Our House

Introducing Our House

Our house is in Marlow, England. We moved-in towards the end of 2019, the house having previously been occupied by an elderly couple who had lived here for 20+ years.

The house was built in the late 1950’s in an area of Marlow that expanded rapidly in the 1960’s and 1970’s, so there’s quite a few interesting, modern houses in the area. Our house has been extended several times since being built, and the very large garden was partitioned and sold-off for land to build another house. This means the back garden isn’t that large, and it’s situated mainly to the side of the house, but it’s just large enough.

Having been built and extended, the house doesn’t have many mid-century features, or those it had have mainly been lost. However, the general layout is ideal as a blank canvas – a large driveway and front garden with pond, large entrance hall, decent kitchen and bathrooms, large dining room and huge lounge (by British standards), and 5 bedrooms. The house is partially open-plan. There’s a separate garage and space for a workshop.

The house needs completely re-decorating, which is exactly what we were looking-for.

What We Want To Achieve

The idea we have is to take the house back to how it may have looked in the early 1960’s. By this we mean decorated and furnished in an appropriate style, and also add architectural features appropriate to the period (stonework, wooden cladding, larger windows etc).

But we want to do this without making the house look too new – in my mind how the house may look now had it been really well looked-after over the last 60 years. Not some modern pastiche of Mid-Century, but something that looks and feels like its authentic. That means the details will be really important.

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